Brenda ☞ what your Mum yells out every night ;)

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I’m taking on too many activities. Brenda you need to just chill.

Mondays are starting to become my favorite day of the week.

I just feel really sad with how things are going. I hope it get better soon.

This is a thing. It’s real. If it’s not a thing then I’m going to make it a thing.

"She use to be sitting in the back seat while we drive her all around and now here we are sitting in the back seat while she’s driving us home. Man I feel old." -Uncle

Rhinorrhea is the worst shit ever

are so preciousssssssssss. I think I found my calling and that’s to bathe babies for the rest of my life.

" Sometimes to get an ‘A’ in life you have to get a ‘B’ in class. "
- My classmate